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On visiting Kashmir, the Mughal Emperor Jahangirwas so captivated by the beauty, that heexclaimed in wonderment, "Gar firdaus, ruhezaminast, haminasto, haminasto, haminasto" (If there is a heaven on earth, it's here, it's here, it's here). It’s an echo of the same emotion when you run through the thickets of Manger trail during Trail-a-thon; you would agree if you’ve run this before. The milieu offers you just about everything that makes for a spectacular run.

You begin the run flanked with lush greenKikarforest on both sides that gives you a feel of moving amidst a marshland. There is the Aravalli Mountain Range and the magnificent lake nestled within. And this is not all. The diversity extends to the fauna too, as the forest is home to numerous animals ranging from the ubiquitous dog, small cat, monkey andcattle, to the more exotic camel, peacock and nilgai. And then there is the wilder varietyof forest-dwellers in the form of civet, jackal, hyena and leopard. The last two are too shy and elusive to intimidate humans, and merely add to the grandeur and aura of the jungle by their existence.
Trail-A-Thon 2017 Gurgaon

The Start Point of the trail is a km inside the jungle, just off the Faridabad Road. At the outset, the trail is wide with arid Kikar jungle on either side, extending tillthe mandir at the 9 km mark (an opportunity to seek blessings for a smooth run on a rugged track). This is the turning point, as the trail now becomes narrow and rocky for the next couple of kms, and then suddenly, you find yourself soaring above a valley that is about 200 feet deep. Be warned! The view from atopis so mesmerizing that you may just want to freeze and soak–in the breathtaking panorama.

Before you lies the lush-green valley with tropical deciduous jungle surrounded by Aravalli hills on all sides. In the distance, you can even catch a glimpse of the Damdama Lake in all its majesty. A small stream that springs from the lake meanders along the trail.Once again, the scenario abruptly changes as you run all the way down to the valley. The track becomes narrow, dusty and bumpy, and jacks up the arduousness of the trail, putting the prowess of every runnerto a grueling test. Finally, the trail transforms into a grassy one, drawing closer to the lake, culminating at Damdama Resort at the 14 kms mark. Runners are greeted with peppy music and refreshments at this ‘U” Turn to rejuvenate them and motivate them to keep going till they reach the finish line at the 28 kms mark.

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ATB (Aravali Trail Blazers) Proudly Presents 5th edition. "Intelenet Trail-A-Thon 2018"