Testimonials Trail-A-Thon, Gurugram

It was my first Trail A Thon race and I really enjoy it and had a great experience. Weather was awesome and Event was organized very well...thanks to Team for sharing the event details otherwise I would have miss this wonderful experience.

Naresh Pathak

Thank u Team for considering my case and giving me my correct split timings. Thanx once agn.

Aakash Mall

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Trail-a-thon. The never say die spirit of the runners was fantabulous. Amazing experience for Red Bull as well and we hope you had an energisedtime. As promised Red Bull will be sponsoring the top 20 runners for our Wings for Life - World Run on 4th May 2014 at Sonipat. We shall get in touch with them soon. Keep running people! Thanks to Team and all the others for letting us be a part of this amazing trail.

Red Bull

A well organised event ...cheers to all involved... looking forward to see the pics from corporate challenge event as well.

Arsh Jain

Thanks Team...and the entire organizing and volunteering team for the wonderful event...being my first for many a reason I managed to break quite a few mental barriers....my first trail...longest run which I managed to finish without any stoppage so far...it has only left me with a desire to take bigger challenge...thanks for letting me run this nameless run (no bib) while I did manage to keep a check on my time....

Tarun Walecha

I had signed up for the Trail-a-thon despite my 'less than flattering' & 'almost tottering' form just for 2 reasons: a) My love of trail running, & b) It was like a 'home-grown' event for me, with my dear friends at the helm of affairs! So, did I finally feel sated & fulfilled with the experience?
Here's what I have to say: A truly terrific trail with a breathtaking view that left me euphoric! Stellar logistics support from the start to end. So what if I hop-scotched for most part of my 42K, the spectacular trail & biked volunteers cinched my resolve to mop p the entire distance...which I did! 2015 is well away...can't wait to be there again!!

Tanuja Sondhi