Trail-A-Thon Icons

Trail-A-Thon Icon - Tanvir Kazmi

As for why I do this, I guess it has to be the atmosphere at the Trail-a-thon beyond everything else. To get an opportunity to meet up with old time running friends which does not happen often. The trail is itself so wonderful and fun to run. The deadly climb near the u-turn never fails to inspire. And on occasions, I have been unable to walk on that climb without resting! And finally, its the great event organization which keeps pulling back all the participants year after year, since we all take away nice memories from the event.

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Trail-A-Thon Icon - Tarun Valecha

Year 2014 was a turnaround in running calendar of Delhi NCR. We were about to witness the first of its kind trail run and I was about to run the longest distance of my running history. I chose to run 28Km, which was one entire loop of the trail. Every turn and every obstacle on the course was new as I was running there for the first time. The DEATH HILL which feels wonderful rolling down just before the 14k mark and seems the deadliest when you come back to climb. It’s been four years since and I’ve participated in all the editions of Trail-a-thon for the same distance 28Km. With runners converging from the entire NCR and the comradery we share is unmatchable, no wonder it has become an annual ritual for me. Though the course remains same, fun each time is still new. Needless to say it’s one of the best organized event where we have surprises everytime. This will be my 5th and I’m already excited about February 04’ 2018.

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Trail-A-Thon Icon - Anjali Nayar

I so look forward to run the Intelenet Trail-A-Thon in Mangar. I am happy and proud to have run all 4 editions since its inception in 2014 and graduating from 7 to 28 kms in 2017! There is everything addictive about this event-from the breathtakingly scenic yet challenging hilly terrain that puts your running prowess through a grueling test, offers you a mental break from focusing on race times, running relaxed by feel, breathe easy in a traffic free zone in the best weather of the year! The effusive warmth of the organisers, the music, the camaraderie of runners, the hot chai and paranthas that await you at the finish are additional fringe benefits unique to this run! I’ll run it year after year kyunki-yeh dil mange(r) more!!

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Trail-A-Thon Icon - Naresh Pathak - The King

I am seasoned IT Leader with 22 Years of vast experience working as CIO with MNCs and Indian organization in Manufacturing and service industries. Currently working with a European MNC named ANDRITZ HYDRO as Regional CIO- South East Asia region.

Although I have been running freak since my childhood where I started running with my Uncle Mr. Umesh Pathak at the age of 12 years, who is now work for M.P. Police. My running continues & I never allow others to win 1500 meters or above races in my college time.

Participating in Trail-A-Thon is different experience all together, I remember in the 1st edition it was great excitement for me when Umesh Gupta told me about the as it was my 1st trail run & since then I always wait for event. During past four years I have introduced many of my CIO friends in Delhi NCR and my spouse also doing 14K since two years.

I am proud to be participated in all 4 edition of Trail-A-Thon since 2014 & thanks to Coach Ravinder and team for making it better & better every year.

Running is my hobby and hence participating in Trail-A-Thon is an experience, especially the weather, the course and for the people who want to experience medium trail running, it is a wonderful opportunity. Every time I have new experience.

In order to improve, participant has to have an experience in the form of memories. It would be good to print participants name on the T-Shirts and have some memorable rewards for the winners.

As it is a wonderful trail, we can provide collage of participant’s photo as there could be beautiful photos in the nature on chargeable basis (if additional efforts involve). Take less photo but have all quality photographs.

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